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Ohýbačka profilů


Enhance your metal fabrication capabilities with our precision Profile Bending Machine. Craft curved profiles with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Perfect for a wide range of industries, our advanced machine delivers superior results, enabling you to meet diverse project demands with ease. Invest in quality, invest in innovation with our Profile Bending Machine today.


Discover essential insights about our Profile Bending Machine. Learn about its capabilities, applications, and benefits in this concise FAQ. Find answers to common questions to make an informed decision about integrating this versatile solution into your metal fabrication processes.

Our Profile Bending Machine is capable of bending various materials including steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals commonly used in fabrication.

Our machine can bend a wide range of profile shapes including flat bars, round bars, square bars, angles, T-sections, and more.

The bending capacity varies depending on the specific model, but our machines are engineered to handle a wide range of profiles with varying thicknesses and radii.

Yes, our Profile Bending Machine features automated controls for precise bending operations, ensuring consistent results and increased efficiency.

Absolutely, our machines are designed to handle both simple and complex bending tasks with ease, thanks to their advanced features and capabilities.

Our Profile Bending Machine is designed with user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces, making setup and operation straightforward, even for novice users.

Safety is a top priority, and our machines are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and overload protection mechanisms to ensure a secure working environment.

Yes, we offer comprehensive training programs to ensure that operators are fully proficient in using our Profile Bending Machine safely and effectively.

Our machines come with a standard warranty to cover manufacturing defects and ensure peace of mind for our customers. Additionally, we offer optional extended warranty plans for further protection.

Yes, we understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and we offer customization options to tailor the machine to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.