Top 8 des fabricants de machines à encocher les angles

Top 8 des fabricants de machines à encocher les angles

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EUROMAC is a well-known worldwide supplier of machines for sheet metal working, such as CNC punching, bending, and notching machines.

EUROMAC is proud to be an Italian company, with a global presence in the sheet metal industry. EUROMAC, established in 1986, designs, develops, produces, and sells conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools.

The vast experience of their design engineers combined with the knowledge of their customers renders EUROMAC both innovative and dynamic.

EUROMAC creates innovative products which are at the same time easy to use. They are accomplishing their objectives by utilizing the most recent technologies as well as constantly refining and adding to their designs and the results show it!

EUROMAC machines are tailored to meet demanding customers’ requirements; the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unique concepts assure you advanced, productive, and competitive products at all times.

EUROMAC Angle Notching Machine
EUROMAC Angle Notching Machine



EBR METAL has been producing sheet metal working machines with its production experience accumulated for many years.

Their products are sold under the EBR METAL brand, which they derived from engineering, bending, and rolling solutions. Their company has determined the concepts of trust, solution creation, problem-solving, customer satisfaction, innovation as the strategy of the EBR METAL brand.

EBR METAL has chosen to make their high-quality products easily accessible for everyone. EBR METAL does not compromise on innovation, ethical behavior, reliability, on-time delivery, high quality, and low-cost principles to achieve this goal.

Their Hydraulic Corner Notching Machines are fixed and angle adjusted corner cutting machines. It has a strong structure with a sturdy durable body structure and steel construction tables. In order to precisely adjust the angle and depth of the corner to be cut, the top surface of the machine is machined with T-channel.

The desired cutting angle can be adjusted precisely and quickly from 30 to 140 degrees with the help of the features mounted on the machine table. Automatic cutting gap adjustment provides quality and precise cutting by adjusting the gap according to the type and thickness of the material. Provides precise and repeatable cutting.

EBR METAL Angle Notching Machine
EBR METAL Angle Notching Machine


HARSLE is a modern enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, cisailles, presse hydraulique, presse électrique, ferronnier, machine de découpe laser et autres machines connexes. Ils adhèrent toujours au principe commercial de « fabriquer de meilleures machines, fournir un service de première classe », de sorte que leurs produits ont fait l'objet d'une large confiance dans de nombreuses industries.

Sous la direction de la politique " professionnel, satisfaisant, rapport qualité-prix élevé ", ils essaient toujours de fournir une proposition complète et réfléchie aux clients par leur spécialité et leur expérience. De plus, ils disposent d'une équipe de R&D de classe mondiale pour s'assurer qu'ils peuvent concevoir des machines professionnelles et innovantes. Ils peuvent également fournir des services d'installation, de formation, de maintenance et de mise en service à l'étranger pour chaque client afin de confirmer qu'ils peuvent utiliser correctement les machines HARSLE et bénéficier de performances élevées et du meilleur service pendant le fonctionnement.

Ils disposent d'un vaste marché mondial de sources de clients, d'un bon réseau de services de base et de capacités de service efficaces pour les ventes modernes. Ils se consacrent à différentes formes de service client, renforcent le service client grâce à des services thématiques pertinents, se forgent en permanence une bonne réputation et améliorent rapidement la réputation de la marque et la satisfaction de la clientèle.

HARSLE Angle Notching Machine
HARSLE Angle Notching Machine


ACL Machine Co., Ltd. established in 1981, is one of China’s larger-scaled manufacturers of heavy forging machinery, heating, and ventilating equipment, and sheet metal equipment. ACL specializes in co-operative manufacturing and development of the machinery and equipment in the industries of ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical, nuclear power, ship traffic, spaceflight and aviation, military project, engineering machinery, heating ventilation, container, boiler, bridge, building materials, and so on, as well as grafting and localization of the types of equipment introduced from foreign countries.

ACL now has three manufacturing bases in China, which are located in Guangdong, Shanghai, and Shandong separately. ACL covers an area of more than 700, 000 square meters. There are about 150, 000 square meters of large and heavy industry plant areas, 400 sets of various large and medium-sized production types of equipment, and more than 1,200 kinds of stuff including 100 engineers and more than 100 sales personnel or agents all over china and worldwide. With its strong capability and technology, ACL keeps improving and innovating over the years and has become a leading manufacturer of sheet metal processing equipment in China.

In the past, more than thirty years, ACL’s products have been exported to over 86 countries and regions in the world such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia. For long-term cooperation with well-known corporations in the world, they have adapted to the way of cooperation with European and American corporations.

No matter when and where you are, ACL is always able to provide you with the best products and service, with machines built to your specifications.

ACL Angle Notching Machine
ACL Angle Notching Machine


SELMACH Machinery is a specialist supplier of metalworking machinery & equipment in the UK, stocking a wide range of both new and used machines.

That was true back when started in the 1800s and it’s true today. The marketplace still needs the very best quality metalworking products, combined with an in-depth understanding of what their customers need, their budgets, and the solutions that work best.

Today’s industry has transformed over those two hundred years but their ethos has never changed. Now, just like then they are a well-recognized UK market leader supplying all types of metalworking machinery.

Their customers rely on them, to provide everything they need, from their first inquiry, then making sure they have the right product at the right price, and finally, to installation and specialist after-sales care and support.

SELMACH Angle Notching Machine
SELMACH Angle Notching Machine


CKEMSA Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. is found in TURKEY – BURSA in 2015. Specialized to Build the Most Economical Box and Pan Folders, Shears, and Lockformers for the HVAC Industry in the Local and European Market. With 25 Employees including, CNC Operators, Lathe, and Welding Masters, and R&D Staff CKEMSA is growing each day.

Adding some other tools and Machinery they have finished their line to serve the HVAC, Air Ducting, Ventilation, Household Appliances, Roofing, and any other Construction business where it is needed to work with thin sheet metal.

Their products are from simple Arm Operated to Foot Pedal mechanisms and Pneutamic to Motorised solutions to Cut, Bend, Form, Bead, Cleat or Lock the Sheet where ever it’s needed.

They are at your disposal for any single inquiry or line of machines with the best prices and quality solutions offers.

CKEMSA Angle Notching Machine
CKEMSA Angle Notching Machine


IPAN MACHINERIES India was founded in 2007. Today they (IPAN MACHINERIES (India) Pvt. Ltd.) offer complete parts for most of the Hydraulic Machineries like Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine, Hydraulic C Frame Press, Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine., Angle Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Angle Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Stamping Machine, Hydraulic Punching Machine, Press Brake, Hydraulic Press Brake Shearing Machine and Hydraulic Shearing Machine. IPAN MACHINERIES India has continuously worked to provide high-quality service to most of the leading companies and the direct customers.

From the beginning, they have defined their service technicians who are available on a 24-hour basis for emergency services. Their personal are expertly trained and experienced in refurbishing and repairing your machine to prevent any unwanted shutdown periods.

IPAN MACHINERIES India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most popular hydraulic machines manufacturers in India, has been led by ‘Mr. Ilesh Panchal’, who brings with him industry experience of more than 15 years.

IPAN MACHINERIES Angle Notching Machine
IPAN MACHINERIES Angle Notching Machine


BOCSCHERT Precision Machinery specializes in high-quality, “state-of-the-art” fabrication tools, including notching machines, manual punching machines, CNC punching machines, and machines for copper bar processing. In addition, they offer combination punch-plasma, punch-laser, and flatbed fiber laser cutting machines. BOCSCHERT products are known for technological evolution, precision, and safety. As the exclusive North American distributor, BOCSCHERT USA offers unwavering expertise and support throughout the life of your BOCSCHERT purchase.

With BOCSCHERT punching, cutting, and notching machines, you are bound to increase efficiency, improve productivity and deliver even more precision with your output. With built-in flexibility and options for a variety of tools, along with the ability to handle a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses, BOCSCHERT machines improve your ability to meet your customer’s demands.

BOCSCHERT Angle Notching Machine
BOCSCHERT Angle Notching Machine

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