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The two most basic and oldest metalworking operations are shearing and bending. If you are looking for a CNC shearing machine, what brand is good? Then this list of the top ten brands of CNC plate shears can be used as a reference for your purchase. They are committed to recommending the brand of CNC plate shears with the best reputation with the truest user data so that you can rest assured.


Proven products and leading-edge technologies to fit your application and your budget. From a broad range of lasers to more punching machine offerings than any manufacturer in the industry, world-renowned shearing machine, and more.

LVD has a full line of shearing equipment, including conventional CNC-controlled guillotine shears and custom shearing systems.

Leur équipe de service client est composée de plus de 180 ingénieurs de service sur le terrain qualifiés dans plus de 45 pays. Ils ont installé plus de 40 000 machines et enregistrent plus de 5 500 heures de formation chaque année. Leur objectif est de fournir la meilleure qualité de service et d'assistance pour que votre opération de fabrication reste productive et rentable.



When it comes to shearing metal, JMT offers a selection of high quality, high production metal shearing machines for sale that are a cut above the competition. With their superior designed hydraulic shearing machine lineup, all possible sheet metal and plate cutting jobs and requirements will be met, by one or the other of their three series of shearing machines. Whether it be a need for a hydraulic shear consider their Variable Rake Guillotine Shear or their Swing Beam Shear, or maybe you’re considering a Power Operated Mechanical Shear, either way, no base is left uncovered. They started with basic hand-operated sheet metal shears many years ago and now offer hydraulic metal cutting shears manufactured in their world-class manufacturing facilities.

Through their continuous drive to be innovative and solution-oriented they recently made a few recommended tweaks to their existing shears for the North American market. Their design engineers went far beyond those requests and conducted a complete revamp of their existing shear machine line. Consequently, JMT is proud to offer their customers the most complete up-to-date hydraulic shearing machines available on the market today.



Gasparini engineers are able to find the best solution for every product, from transportation to catering, from big steel mills to artisan shops. Our press brakes and hydraulic shears are renowned for their quality and reliability among more than 2,780 loyal customers.

Top performances allow to accurately and cost-efficiently cut pieces in high volumes. A proportional oil hydraulic circuit has been completely designed by Gasparini. It is optimized for every guillotine shearing size, with high-quality and reliable parts. X-Cut guillotine shear is available in a wide range of models and powers. Length and shearing thickness can be customized to the highest levels in the category.



JEAN PERROT designs, manufactures, and supplies machines – standard or custom – and turnkey systems dedicated to the sheet metal working industry: press brakes, robotic bending cells, shearing machines, rolling machines, bending machines, punching machines…

Among their range of shears, discover their high-performance shearing solutions: the HNC hydraulic variable rake guillotine shear and the CR high-speed mechanical shearing machine for high volume cutting. These premium shearing machines allow reaching optimal performance on both quality and productivity.



It is crucial that the flow of blanks, the starting point for the entire manufacturing process, is managed with utmost quality and speed. These two criteria are entrenched in the design and manufacture of AMADA’s GS-II and GX-II sheet metal shears. The rigidity of the frame, as well as the drive and adjustment solutions, ensure an exceptional degree of reliability and safety of use. Beyond the technical considerations, these machines were developed with an improvement in working conditions, safety, and ergonomic features in mind.

AMADA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of sheet metal machinery Known for its comprehensive range of sheet metal machinery, AMADA has the solution to suit all your requirements.



HARSLE Guillotine Shearing machine can cut all kinds of metal sheets to maintain the highest production capacity with maximum precision and quality. Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is a perfect choice with its modern design, durable heavy body, and precise cutting quality. Electric shearing machine is the economic option for a startup company, it features fast cutting speed and money-saving.

Under the guidance of a professional, satisfactory, high performance-to-price ratio’ policy, they always try to provide complete and thoughtful proposals to customers by their specialty and experience. What is more, they have a world-class R&D team to ensure that they can design professional and innovative machines. They can also provide overseas installation, training, maintenance, and commissioning services for each client to confirm that they can operate.



Unique construction features combined with great craftmanship Machine body and upper beam’s steel constructions have been designed according to minimum stretch and optimum resistance criteria.

Become the world’s most reliable leading brand by continuous growth, and to provide sustainability as the 1st choice of the customers with the product and service quality. They design, produce and deliver safe, high-quality, and high-efficient machine tools for customers’ success.



The #1 selling hydraulic shear in North America! The Accurshear by Accurpress is a hydraulic shear whose unique design delivers the strength, power, and rigidity of the guillotine system and produces the ease of blade clearance adjustment afforded by the swing link design.

The Accurshear produces a cutting motion through the material that allows the use of 4-edged blades and a 1-degree relief angle shear capacity up to 80,000 tensile and 44,000 yield strength.



Established in 1958, HUBEI TRI-RING METALFORMING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, also known as YSD, is a professional manufacturer that designs and produces sheet metal forming machines in China. Their main products include press brakes, hydraulic guillotine shears, fine blanking machines, turret punch presses, hydraulic presses, automatic cold header, etc.

YSD has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1998. They share 30-year cooperation with Belgium LVD Company and started to introduce its machine tool technology in 1981. Since 2009, LVD Company has invested a 30% stake in the YSD Company. With advanced technology from LVD Company and their own R&D strength, they are capable of producing high-quality bending and shearing machines to satisfy the needs of customers in all kinds of industries throughout the world.



Ermaksan continues to operate with the 21st century’s innovative perspective, with the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading producers in the fields of technology and R&D.

Ermaksan is a leading industrial organization that shapes the sheet metal processing machines sector with its strong R&D, that produces high-quality machines with high technology with more than its 800 qualified staff in its modern production facilities extending to an area of 96.000 m2. In a 10.000 m2 field, it continues to carry out future-oriented R&D works such as Fiber laser technologies, new machine models; Industry 4.0 applications, and 3D printer (additive manufacturing) machines. The machines produced by Ermaksan now operate in 110 countries.

Continuously following the new trends and customer expectations, and designing and producing machines with advanced technology, high added value, that are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, Ermaksan takes firm steps forward on the way of sustainable growth by using resources effectively and efficiently.


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      May I know your budget? We do have Amada brand used guillotine machine in stock, You can also add my WhatsApp: +8615651836700. I will send you the pictures for reference.

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