Топ-10 производителей станков для металлообработки

Топ-10 производителей станков для металлообработки

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Since 1919, GEKA has been manufacturing ironworkers for processing angles, plates, and steel profiles for metal constructions, metal workshops, telecommunication, and electricity towers.

They design, manufacture, and supply their hydraulic ironworkers with GEKA quality standards.
Pioneers developed ironworkers for steel working. They keep researching, developing, and innovating so that they can fulfill clients and market requirements.

Years of hard-working with their customers. Years studying and solving their needs: GEKA has a deep knowledge of the market bringing unique solutions.

They machine all their parts and tools at GEKA. They machine and harden all their parts so that their quality standards are much higher than others offered in the market.

Their technical department can design and provide almost any accessory for your GEKA machine to face all the jobs.

GEKA Ironworker Machine
GEKA Ironworker Machine


EDWARDS Manufacturing was started by Charles Douglas EDWARDS in 1875.

EDWARDS Manufacturing is primarily driven by its production of Ironworkers. The JAWS line of EDWARDS Ironworkers has recently been expanded with the addition of the new EDWARDS ELITE line. EDWARDS ELITE Ironworkers boast high-quality design and a host of integrated features.

Both lines of Ironworkers are bolstered by their extensive line of Tooling Accessories, giving the user the ability to tailor their Ironworker to their specific needs. The Ironworker line is further complemented by a line of innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools, powered by an EDWARDS Ironworker or the EDWARDS Porta Power, a portable hydraulic power unit. These tools expand the abilities of your shop quickly and economically.

EDWARDS Manufacturing designs and manufactures more than Ironworkers. The EDWARDS Strut Pro is an innovative hydraulic tool for cutting commonly branded strut products. The Tru-Chek Rain Gauge is an extremely accurate, heavy-duty rain gauge ideal for a wide range of users.

EDWARDS Ironworker Machine
EDWARDS Ironworker Machine


HARSLE is a modern enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, стригальные машины, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine, and other related machines. They always adhere to the business principle of “ making better machines, providing first-class service “, so their products have been trusted widely in many industries.

Руководствуясь политикой «профессионального, удовлетворительного, высокого соотношения цены и качества», они всегда стараются предоставить клиентам полное и продуманное предложение с учетом их специализации и опыта. Более того, у них есть команда НИОКР мирового класса, которая гарантирует, что они могут разрабатывать профессиональные и инновационные машины. Они также могут предоставить каждому клиенту услуги по установке, обучению, техническому обслуживанию и вводу в эксплуатацию за рубежом, чтобы подтвердить, что они могут правильно эксплуатировать машины HARSLE и пользоваться высокой производительностью и лучшим обслуживанием во время работы.

У них есть огромный глобальный рынок клиентов, хорошая сеть базовых услуг и эффективные сервисные возможности для современных продаж. Они посвящают себя различным формам обслуживания клиентов, укрепляют обслуживание клиентов с помощью соответствующих тематических услуг, постоянно формируют хорошую репутацию и быстро улучшают репутацию бренда и удовлетворенность клиентов.

HARSLE Ironworker Machine
HARSLE Ironworker Machine


The DURMA brand has a strong history of providing solutions for customers’ day-to-day operations in the past 60-plus years. With more than 2,000 employees, managing business in 156 countries, the DURMA machines are used in all industries including technology-sensitive companies such as space shuttles, defense, airplane manufacturers, and it doesn’t stop there.

The machines are energy efficient, have industry 4.0 technology, have great endurance, are very powerful, and communicate with each other globally. DURMA even manufactures trains.

DURMA wanted to be closer to its existing customers while expanding its presence in the manufacturing market so it opened its doors in Michigan, as DURMA North America, in January 18 century. DURMA North America is the only official DURMA factory branch in America.

DURMA North America is a 90,000 square feet facility with a 40,000 square feet showroom, having a training area for metal fabricating customers, a complete spare parts department, and service technicians readily available to service machines. Now, their customers in the United States will be supported by DURMA’s corporate resources from a local vantage point.

DURMA Ironworker Machine
DURMA Ironworker Machine


In a journey that left behind half a century, ERMAKSAN is taking firm steps to the future by continuing to develop “innovative technologies”.

ERMAKSAN continues to operate with the 21st century’s innovative perspective, with the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading producers in the fields of technology and R&D.

ERMAKSAN is a leading industrial organization that shapes the sheet metal processing machines sector with its strong R&D, that produces high-quality machines with high technology with more than its 800 qualified staff in its modern production facilities extending to an area of 96.000 m2.

In a 10.000 m2 field, it continues to carry out future-oriented R&D works such as Fiber laser technologies, new machine models; Industry 4.0 applications, and 3D printer (additive manufacturing) machines. The machines produced by ERMAKSAN now operate in 110 countries.

Continuously following the new trends and customer expectations, and designing and producing machines with advanced technology, high added value, that are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, ERMAKSAN takes firm steps forward on the way of sustainable growth by using resources effectively and efficiently.

ERMAKSAN Ironworker Machine
ERMAKSAN Ironworker Machine


PRADA NARGESA S.L. is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelone, Spain with more than 40 years experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery: Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; propane furnaces, Hydraulic Press brakes, Shears, Broaching machines, Weld Positioners, etc.

All their range of machines and accessories is completely manufactured at NARGESA. They have 10.000m2 facilities and a regular stock of 400 machines. They count on more than 10.500 customers and more than 20.800 machines sold all over the world.

Nowadays they are exporting to Europe: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, …America and Latinamerica: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador… In Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon, South Africa, Guinea…In Asia and the Middle East: Irán, Bahrain, Brunei, United Arab Emirates…

NARGESA is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Guaranty, and Innovation:
All their products are made with electrical and hydraulic components of the best European trademarks.
Production is made under strict quality regulations. All machines are meticulously tested before delivery.
All NARGESA machines are according to the current safety rules and are provided with their corresponding certificate.
3 years Guaranty, Strong and reliable machines.

NARGESA has got its own R+D which guarantees a steady evolution and improvement. Every year new products are launched into the market as a result of their feedback from their customers’ experience.

Collaboration with The Spanish Institute for External Commerce ICEX.

Member and co-founder partner of the foundation for the promotion of jobs.

NARGESA Ironworker Machine
NARGESA Ironworker Machine


HACO KINGSLAND is a subsidiary of The HACO Group, a worldwide leader in CNC Machinery.

The HACO Group operates manufacturing plants throughout the world and has sales and service subsidiaries established in all major countries.

Their sales and service personnel are highly trained and customer orientated whose motivation is to find the best possible solutions for their customers.

They endeavor to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels and are well known for their proactive after-sales support.

KINGSLAND Ironworker Machine
KINGSLAND Ironworker Machine


SAHINLER, established in 1953 by Mr. Ismail SAHIN and Mr. Ibrahim SAHIN brothers as a family company, at the beginning produced textile machines, sewing machines later started to produce drilling machines, bandsaws, and power hammers.

In 1979 made its first export to Germany. After 1980 with the new structure as the joint-stock company concentrated to produce mainly Sheet Metal Working machines and produced firstly in Turkey Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending machines, Profile-Pipe Bending machines, and Hydraulic Steelworkers and exported to Europe and USA.

Their company is one of the biggest producers of Plate Bending Machines, Section Bending Machines, and Steelworkers in the world.

SAHINLER Ironworker Machine
SAHINLER Ironworker Machine


JMT began making their mark in the metal fabrication world half a century ago when they established a prominent organization in 1967 marketing, selling, servicing and supporting metalworking equipment and material handling products in the Intermountain West.

Wanting to offer their customers a more flexible and higher quality line of machine tools to meet their most exacting needs, they extensively researched and then approached the finest producers of metal fabrication equipment around the globe – including the world’s largest volume manufacturer of press brakes and plate rolls – to build machines to their specifications under the JMT label.

Expanding outward from their western base of operations (where they maintain a 30,000 square foot training & machine demonstration showroom & warehouse), they now have dozens of qualified JMT dealers across the country, regional sales managers and service personnel to work in each section of the U.S., and they have established a complete service center and 50,000 square foot warehouse in Atlanta to better assist their customers in the Eastern United States. They are currently adding a facility in the Midwest as well.

JMT USA Ironworker Machine
JMT USA Ironworker Machine


In the early 1960s, Art Kroetch, founder of SCOTCHMAN Industries, started making and selling farm-related products, such as pickup stock racks, corral panels, gates, and chutes. In 1966, SCOTCHMAN Industries purchased the patent for a hydraulic ironworker, the first machine of its kind in the world, and began manufacturing ironworkers. This machine, using hydraulic pressure, created up to a 35-ton force that could punch, bend and shear metal.

In 1978, SCOTCHMAN Industries purchased Excel Manufacturing Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and was able to provide a line of ironworkers that ranged from 30-ton to 90-ton capacities for the world market.

SCOTCHMAN Industries is proud to be an American manufacturer that has always been export-minded. The company was given the President’s “E” Certificate for Exports in 1981 by the Secretary of Commerce, for excellence in its increased exporting of products. Today SCOTCHMAN Industries continues to export their products to many countries around the world.

Today, SCOTCHMAN Industries, Inc. has a complete line of thirteen different ironworkers, ranging in capacities from 45 to 150 tons, with component tool design, and a fully integrated European style; both are available in either single or dual operator models. SCOTCHMAN has successfully acquired and maintained a large portion of the ironworker market.

SCOTCHMAN Ironworker Machine
SCOTCHMAN Ironworker Machine

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