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상위 8 C 프레임 유압 프레스 기계 제조업체

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They manufacture hydraulic presses, press lines, and die handling equipment customized for your specific application. Their goal is to supply the highest quality equipment at competitive prices that will meet or exceed their customer’s expectations.

MACRODYNE has established a reputation over the last several decades for value in the supply of custom heavy-duty hydraulic presses, press lines, and die handling equipment.

Their equipment is utilized in manufacturing operations for a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial & consumer products, defense, construction, and many more.

Their extensive list of satisfied, repeat customers and strong growth is derived from their competitive advantage in price, quality, leading-edge technology, and after-sales service.

MACRODYNE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
MACRODYNE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


GRIMCO Hydraulic Presses designs and builds the complete press from design, assembly, programming, and testing. Their hydraulic presses can range from 10 to 1000 tons. Presses can be built in various configurations, compression, transfer, vacuum, and laminating. These presses are built to withstand rigid operation for many years.

All of their presses carry a 2-year warranty.

All of GRIMCO Hydraulic Presses are built to their customers’ specifications and requirements, whether standard or custom. See their wide variety of designs.

Serving the industry for more than half a century, GRIMCO Hydraulic Compression Presses are available in a wide variety of standard and specially engineered models. Designed and manufactured in GRIMCO’s state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot facility in Paterson, New Jersey, their CAD/CAM capabilities allow them to customize these units to suit the specific needs of any industry. Strict quality control standards are maintained to produce the most efficient machines available today.

In addition, each and every GRIMCO press is equipped with the highest quality components, assuring that they all conform to stringent standards. And, since they are so confident that their presses are the most reliable and dependable in the industry, all GRIMCO hydraulic compression presses are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery. Quality parts, diligent employees, and high standards, GRIMCO is joining force and precision in the world of hydraulics.

GRIMCO C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
GRIMCO C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


HARSLE is a modern enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machines, 유압 프레스, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine, and other related machines. They always adhere to the business principle of “ making better machines, providing first-class service “, so their products have been trusted widely in many industries.

"전문적이고, 만족스럽고, 높은 가격 대비 성능" 정책의 지도 아래, 그들은 항상 그들의 전문성과 경험을 바탕으로 고객에게 완전하고 사려 깊은 제안을 제공하려고 노력합니다. 또한, 그들은 전문적이고 혁신적인 기계를 설계할 수 있도록 세계적인 수준의 R&D 팀을 보유하고 있습니다. 그들은 또한 HARSLE 기계를 올바르게 작동하고 작동 중에 고성능과 최상의 서비스를 누릴 수 있는지 확인하기 위해 각 고객에게 해외 설치, 교육, 유지 보수 및 시운전 서비스를 제공할 수 있습니다.

그들은 거대한 글로벌 고객 소스 시장, 우수한 기본 서비스 네트워크 및 현대적인 판매를 위한 효율적인 서비스 기능을 갖추고 있습니다. 그들은 다양한 형태의 고객 서비스에 전념하고 관련 주제 서비스를 통해 고객 관리를 강화하며 지속적으로 좋은 평판을 형성하고 브랜드 평판과 고객 만족도를 빠르게 향상시킵니다.

HARSLE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
HARSLE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

야만적 인

SAVAGE Engineering was founded in 1963 by Fred A. Wolbert. Through a background in automotive, heavy construction equipment mechanics, and industrial sales, he developed an innate understanding of mechanical principles and applications. When a need arose from his customers in the construction equipment industry, Fred saw an opportunity to combine his problem-solving abilities and his technical know-how.

The industry needed presses for bulldozer track repair. The demand was for presses that could both de-pin and reassemble the tracks, and customers looked to him for a solution. In the first year alone, Fred designed, built, and sold over 30 track pin presses.

In response to repeated requests from multiple industries for job-specific solutions, SAVAGE Engineering began to expand in size and scope, broadening its concept to help a wide range of manufacturing industries achieve success. Fred’s son, Dan, joined the company in 1975, working first on the shop floor and then alongside his father at the helm before becoming President in 2007.

SAVAGE provides hydraulic presses to both national and international clientele. All their machines are manufactured in their 45,000 square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio, with convenient access to interstate roads, railways, and an international shipping port. Their presses are proudly designed, engineered, and built entirely in the USA.

They are not a niche market builder, so tackling new concepts is their bread and butter. From sizing and compacting frozen fish or advanced composites to handling radioactive materials safely, or even compacting explosives in smart bomb warheads, SAVAGE will “Job Engineer” a press to fit your specific challenge.

SAVAGE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
SAVAGE C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


Revolution Machine Tools (RMT), founded by longtime industry leader Kyle Jorgenson, is a metal fabrication machine tools company. RMT’s design team has created the most precise tools in the North American market today. They have partnered with leading manufacturers to build their designs to their stringent specifications in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Kyle Jorgenson started in the Machine Tool industry working with his father, Roger Jorgenson, who founded Jorgenson Machine Tools in 1974. Roger taught Kyle how important relationships and customer service are and Kyle has built his reputation on those principles.

RMT is supported by an ever-expanding team of industry professionals, which include design, marketing, service, and support, who have these same values and respect Kyle’s vision. Together, they are creating a Revolution in the Machine Tool industry.

RMT C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
RMT C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


For more than 70 years, MULTIPRESS (formerly known as Denison Multipress) has been trusted as the premier provider of hydraulic press solutions.

Whether you are interested in a standard machine, or completely customized hydraulic machinery, MULTIPRESS’ experts take the time to select the right machine to fit your specifications and fulfill your production requirements. MULTIPRESS has worked with thousands of fab shops, end-users, and integrators to develop ideal solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Every machine is custom engineered and built in the USA with high-quality designs that are made to withstand years of rigorous use. Decades of experience and continuous improvement have earned MULTIPRESS the reputation as one of the finest, most dependable press machinery companies in the world.

Providing the very best in custom hydraulic presses & press brakes. One dedicated team, two trusted brands.

After being based in Columbus, Ohio for many years, MULTIPRESS moved its operations to sister company Pacific Press Technologies’ 280,000 square foot headquarters in Mt. Carmel, IL. Both subsidiaries of Right Lane Industries (RLI), the partnership allows the machinery OEM’s to benefit from each other’s strengths in engineering, production, and service. With the top resources available to both brands in-house, they are well-positioned to continue delivering high-quality, made in the USA machinery.

Together, Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS share a passion for creating reliable, customized machinery by providing unsurpassed experience, quality, and value. With results rooted in a history of presses and press brakes, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will continue their tradition of being the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions.

MULTIPRESS C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
MULTIPRESS C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


At BAILEIGH Industrial®, the design and manufacture industrial metalworking and woodworking machinery that delivers reliable, precise results over decades of use. Since 1999, they’ve taken pride in earning a reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction.

What sets BAILEIGH Industrial apart from other brands?

It’s no exaggeration to say that they lead the industry. For instance, in 2002 their RDB-150 became the first hydraulic tube bender to execute 180° bends in one shot. Each BAILEIGH Industrial machine is engineered to exact standards of endurance, convenience, and accuracy. But they don’t rest on their past accomplishments, through continuous improvement, they’re always looking for ways to make them better.

Many of those features that other companies consider ‘extras’ are automatically part of the package when you buy a machine from them. For example, their saws, drills, and lathes often include powerful coolant systems to extend tooling longevity. They also equip many products with die sets to accommodate a wide range of projects.

They use only the best component parts, like Siemens® controls and Delta® inverters, to build equipment that you can depend on. On a structural level, their heavy-duty machines draw strength and stamina from frameworks made of solid steel castings.

BAILEIGH support representatives all have years of hands-on experience working with their products—figuring out solutions for applications like yours. When you call them, you’ll talk to real technical specialists, not sales reps reading answers from a script!

Whether you’d like advice on a project 10 days or 10 years after you buy a BAILEIGH machine, they’re happy to help. There’s no limit on their commitment to after-sale service. Their machines last a long time and they want you to get the most out of them.

They keep most machines in stock and can typically dispatch equipment in 72 hours or less, so you can get working as soon as possible.

BAILEIGH C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
BAILEIGH C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine


Since 1917, STENHØJ HYDRAULIK has manufactured and marketed advanced and innovative products for the automotive and manufacturing industry.

At STENHØJ HYDRAULIK A/S, they specialize in the design and production of:
Electromechanical Broaching Machines
Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic truck chassis beam bending machines

They are a technology-driven company. They strive to be at the forefront of the market with creative technical solutions to complex challenges.

Their business is based on expert knowledge. They have something they are proud of – competent and dedicated employees – dedicated to solving their customers’ needs.

STENHYD C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine
STENHYD C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

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    Do you only have the hydraulic press? If I brought the hydraulic press machine, can you offer me the suitable molds?

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