Máquina de Laminação de Curvatura de Placas

Os 10 principais fabricantes de máquinas laminadoras de dobra de placas

Os 10 principais fabricantes de máquinas laminadoras de dobra de placas

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From engineering to project management and sales to customer support: The corporate success of HAEUSLER AG is essentially dependent on the knowledge, skills and commitment of their employees. A special focus of their corporate philosophy is therefore the promotion of personal and professional skills of their staff.

As a globally operating company, HAEUSLER Group is constantly setting new standards in the metal forming industry. Their inventive pioneering spirit has been growing for more than 80 years and is based on a long family tradition. They are looking for new challenges – where they can grow to ensure your success.

HAEUSLER AG Plate Bend Rolling Machine


Born in Italy in 1966, DAVI is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty plate roll, heavy-duty angle roll, high productivity lines, and customized rolling machines. Its leadership is evident with regards to sales volume, employees, production, assets, and rating. DAVI also owns the highest number of patents in the industry.

DAVI history is all based on learning and striving to achieve the best skills in the bending process. Nowadays, DAVI machines are designed through the most advanced 3D CAD and are always tested with FEM analysis in order to guarantee strength and sturdiness. Great care is also placed on design, which is constantly improved and applied to the production of plate and angle rolls. DAVI Research & Development Division lives on the catchphrase ‘engineering everyday challenges’ and is always ready to design custom-made solutions and meet customers’ needs.

DAVI headquarter is located in the most high-tech region of Italy: Emilia-Romagna, a territory that houses Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, and many machinery and mechanical companies that are leaders in their industries. All the machines are produced at the headquarter, that includes also a warehouse and a logistic and quality control center. The branches in Dallas (Texas, USA) and Shanghai (China) and the whole network of more than 100 highly qualified dealers assure sales and customer care assistance all around the world, at any time.

DAVI is constantly verified by DNV and holds certifications of quality, environment, and safety. Moreover, DAVI’s financial strength has been rated ‘Prime Company’ for its maximum commercial reliability by Dun & Bradstreet for many years.

DAVI Plate Bend Rolling Machine
DAVI Plate Bend Rolling Machine


AKYAPAK with technological manufacturing facilities of 32 thousand square meters is a source of pride for both Bursa and Turkey… AKYAPAK established in 1962 in Bursa has reached its worldwide fame with pertinacity from the first day on and following the innovation and technology closely.

AKYAPAK, having its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Bursa, continues to develop technology in Turkey with its regularly trained 320 experienced staff.

AKYAPAK presents its products to the world with different brand names as AKBEND for Plate, Pipe, and Profile Bending Machines, AKDRILL for Drilling Lines, AKWELD for Welding Solutions.

For Oxy-Plasma Cutting, Flanging, and Dish-End machines, it uses AKYAPAK main brand name.
AKYAPAK machines provide high-quality manufacture and application solutions to customers in many fields directing the global economy such as automotive, marine, aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, petrochemistry, defense industries.

AKYAPAK Plate Bend Rolling Machine
AKYAPAK Plate Bend Rolling Machine


HARSLE é uma empresa moderna que fabrica vários tipos de NC e CNC prensa freio, máquinas de corte, prensa hidráulica, prensa elétrica, ferragem, máquina de corte a laser e outras máquinas relacionadas. Eles sempre aderem ao princípio de negócios de “fabricar máquinas melhores, fornecer serviços de primeira classe”, portanto, seus produtos têm grande confiança em muitos setores.

Sob a orientação da política de “relação profissional, satisfatória e de alta relação desempenho-preço”, buscam sempre oferecer uma proposta completa e criteriosa aos clientes por sua especialidade e experiência. Além disso, eles têm uma equipe de P&D de classe mundial para garantir que possam projetar máquinas profissionais e inovadoras. Eles também podem fornecer serviços de instalação, treinamento, manutenção e comissionamento no exterior para cada cliente para confirmar se eles podem operar as máquinas HARSLE adequadamente e desfrutar de alto desempenho e melhor serviço durante a operação.

Eles têm um enorme mercado global de clientes, uma boa rede de serviços básicos e capacidades de serviço eficientes para vendas modernas. Eles se dedicam a diferentes formas de atendimento ao cliente, fortalecem o atendimento ao cliente por meio de serviços temáticos relevantes, formam continuamente uma boa reputação e melhoram rapidamente a reputação da marca e a satisfação do cliente.

HARSLE Plate Bend Rolling Machine
HARSLE Plate Bend Rolling Machine


KURIMOTO’s Bending Roll is Top Roll Horizontal Movement type. Value-added features of KURIMOTO’s Bending Roll, such as Top Roll crowning and adjustable Back-Up Rolls enable to achieve precise circularity and cylindricality to application with a wide range of material thickness.

Kurimoto, Ltd. celebrated its 112th anniversary in February 2021.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has significantly changed the global economic climate. Change taking place on a global scale like this is simply beyond imagination. To ensure business continuity and steadily generate profits under any circumstances, they believe it is essential to take their approach to the next level and move from adapting to change to creating change.

At the Kurimoto Group, they unite efforts and work as one team. They are Team Kurimoto. They are not afraid of failure. The fear of failure will not hold them back from moving forward. They will foster a corporate culture of aggressively and boldly rising to challenges. They will accelerate efforts to expand the business, but they will not rush, overexert themselves, or give up.

KURIMOTO Plate Bend Rolling Machine
KURIMOTO Plate Bend Rolling Machine


ROUNDO was founded in Sweden and has been developing machines for bending plates and sections since 1964. Their technical expertise and vast experience contribute to the superior quality, design, and performance of each machine they build.

For many years they are the world leader in their field with over 16.000 machines delivered all over the world.

What makes their customer extremely satisfied are the remarkably high quality, performance, reliability, and long service life of ROUNDO machines and their never-ending process of developing and producing superior machines.

By combining organizational skills, the resources of 3 manufacturing sites, and more than 100 people devoted to bending machinery and technology, they supply new advanced machines and spare parts according to original ROUNDO standards.

ROUNDO division headquarters are located in their new production site in Castiglione Delle Stiviere in the North of Italy, an advanced building concerning the project, construction technology, and dimensions necessary to support their customers demanding always bigger and superior machines.

All design and assembly, including wiring and final testing, are done in-house. Their engineers and technicians employ cutting-edge technologies and renowned original ROUNDO experience and know-how. Results are products that represent unique quality, performance, and reliability on the global market.

ROUNDO Plate Bend Rolling Machine
ROUNDO Plate Bend Rolling Machine


IMCAR is specialized in the production of plants dedicated to the production of storage silos.

The wide assortment of products made available by IMCAR also includes plate bending machines for the aeronautics and the aerospace sector.

Among IMCAR realizations there is also a line of plate bending machines designed for the production of heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

With over 60 years of experience behind, Imcar boasts the record of being one of the most long-lived Italian companies still operating in the sector of the design and manufacturing of forming machines for plate and steel structural works.

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, is the North American representative for products, services, and support of the IMCAR product line.

IMCAR Plate Bend Rolling Machine
IMCAR Plate Bend Rolling Machine


Specialist in the design, manufacturing, and sale of plate bending rolls, profile bending machines, dished head machinery, and special machines including ship frame bending rolls and presses, plate straightening machines, Faccin concentrates its production in Visano, in the Brescia province. The Faccin facility covers over an area of 60,000 m2, of which 1,250 m2 is occupied by offices and 15,000 m2 by the production facilities. Using the latest technology, the company follows the construction of machinery at every stage, from receipt of the order to design by the in-house engineering department, from the construction of electro-welded structures to machining of structures and forged rolls up to assembly and shipping.

The company’s engineering department team is responsible for the design and development of Faccin products. Using 3D CAD and 2D CAD systems and finite element methods (FEM) for structural design, the engineering department performs motion simulations, machinery structural and mechanical limit testing, creation and optimization of BOMs, complete management of data flow to production. It also uses specific programs for the development and implementation of hydraulic and electrical systems to assure maximum effectiveness and durability of the solutions it offers.

FACCIN Plate Bend Rolling Machine
FACCIN Plate Bend Rolling Machine


Gabriele Roccia is developing the company Roccia s.r.l. with the collaboration of trusted and experienced experts in the fields of, electronic and mechanical engineering: the aim is to build a dynamic company structure with the sole aim of ‘excellence’. Gabriele is a young man who is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he has spent many happy hours as a child & teenager working alongside his father in the family’s plate roll manufacturing business.

“Plate rolls are in Gabriele’s DNA”

Gabriele’s philosophy is to harness the enthusiasm and innovation of the young engineers, but at the same time, to pay attention to the great experience held by the older members of the Roccia S.r.l. team: this brings a balance to the design process.

Roccia S.r.l. has agreed on a collaboration with the Polytechnic University of TORINO, as a result, they can state that Roccia S.r.l is now applying for its second international patent.

With an ever-expanding range of plate and profile curving machinery, Roccia S.r.l. is confident that they can offer a correct manufacturing solution for all inquiry requests.

ROCCIA SRL Plate Bend Rolling Machine
ROCCIA SRL Plate Bend Rolling Machine


Every day, customers all over the world choose to purchase AMB Picot Bending machines for their reliability as well as for the service solutions they offer to help them succeed in their business. In AMB Picot, they innovate; turn technical improvements into practical benefits for their customers. The rapid development of new technologies offers great potential and thanks to ‘artificial intelligence, they are capable to show the strength of their company in the industry area. They are proud of their technology, of their machines but customers trusting them is the finest form of acknowledgment.

Established in Lyon in 1864, Picot provides its customers with plate roll bending machines & resources to meet their needs.

More than 5000 sheet metal roll bending machines around the world, 3 roll bending machines & 4 roll bending machines. Acknowledged skills in machine tools.

Advice based on their long experience of hydraulic roll bending techniques.

Plate roll bending machine suppliers via an international network of agents to support you.

PIOCT Plate Bend Rolling Machine
PIOCT Plate Bend Rolling Machine

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