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Dive into our Gear Hobbing Machine FAQ for insights into high-precision gear manufacturing. Explore the capabilities, applications, and advantages of gear hobbing technology. Get answers to common questions on gear cutting processes, hobbing techniques, and machine features, enhancing your gear production efficiency and quality.


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A Gear Hobbing Machine is a precision machining tool used to cut gear teeth using a hobbing cutter. It is widely used in the production of spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, and other types of gears.

Gear hobbing machines work by rotating a hobbing cutter (also known as a hob) at high speeds while the workpiece is slowly rotated and fed into the hob. The hob removes material from the workpiece to create gear teeth with precise profiles.

Gear hobbing machines can produce a wide range of gears, including spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, spline shafts, and more. They are suitable for both small-scale and mass production of gears.

Consider factors such as:

  • Gear type and size: Determine the types and sizes of gears you need to produce.
  • Machine specifications: Evaluate features such as maximum workpiece diameter, module range, hob head swivel angle, and CNC control options.
  • Budget: Determine your budget constraints and choose a machine that offers the best value for your investment.
  • Supplier reputation: Choose a reputable supplier known for quality machines and reliable service and support.

There are several reputable brands known for manufacturing high-quality horizontal bandsaws. Some well-known brands in this industry include:

  1. Amada
  2. DoALL Sawing Products
  3. Baileigh Industrial
  4. Behringer Saws
  5. Jet
  6. Marvel Manufacturing Company
  7. Kalamazoo Industries
  8. Grizzly Industrial
  9. Powermatic
  10. W.F. Wells Inc.

Regular maintenance tasks may include:

  • Lubrication of machine components such as gears, slides, and bearings to ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspection and replacement of hobbing cutters and other tooling as needed.
  • Calibration and alignment of machine axes and cutting tools for accurate machining.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of coolant systems and chip removal systems.

Yes, many Gear Hobbing Machines are equipped with automation features such as CNC control, automatic tool changers, robotic loading/unloading systems, and in-process measurement systems to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Safety measures include:

  • Proper training: Ensure operators are trained in safe operating procedures and machine handling.
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE): Require operators to wear appropriate PPE, such as safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection.
  • Machine guarding: Keep machine enclosures and guards in place to prevent access to moving parts during operation.
  • Emergency stop: Familiarize operators with the location and use of emergency stop buttons for immediate machine shutdown in case of an emergency.

Gear Hobbing Machines are available from various suppliers, including machine tool manufacturers, distributors, and specialized gear manufacturing equipment dealers. Research different options, compare features and prices, and choose a supplier that meets your specific requirements and budget.

The cost of a Gear Hobbing Machine can vary widely depending on several factors such as the brand, model, size, capabilities, and features. Here are some general price ranges:

  1. Basic Benchtop Models:

    • Small benchtop gear hobbing machines suitable for light-duty or hobbyist use may start around $10,000 to $50,000.
  2. Mid-Range Models:

    • Mid-range gear hobbing machines designed for small to medium-sized workshops or industrial applications typically range from $50,000 to $200,000.
  3. Industrial-Grade Models:

    • Larger industrial-grade gear hobbing machines with higher capacity, precision, and durability can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $1,000,000 or more.
  4. Specialized or High-End Models:

    • Specialized or high-end gear hobbing machines equipped with advanced features, automation capabilities, or custom specifications may exceed $1,000,000, depending on the complexity and customization.