There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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About Us

In VIGERT, our mission is to personally respect, support, and inspire metalworking professionals around the world with high-quality products and services for factory productivity. We are a professional used metal-working machine dealer, We will transport the best quality metalworking machines all over the world.

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He has been in the machine making and sales business for over 15 years.
Sold more than 10,000 machines, including various types of sheet metal machines.
The company has more than 150 employees, including more than 30 engineers.

We love what we do​

Our company mainly cooperates with large factories, fixed recovery of used bending machines, used shearing machines, used hydraulic presses and many other machinery and equipment, professional engineers to test and debug the machine, qualified and then maintenance and repair of the machine, and finally provide customers with high-quality used machines no less than brand new machines.

Our company has a large business scope and wide coverage, advocating win-win cooperation, turning waste into treasure, and making idle assets move, is your and my eternal pursuit.




1. Warranty

We will offer a one-year warranty for all VIGERT machines, so that customer will have no worry about the quality and maintenance.


2. Service

VIGERT can offer the renewal service for all machines, it can help customers to remove the worry about the import procedures.


3. Profession

VIGERT has an experienced technical support team to help customers solve any machines' issues in a short time.


4. Reliable

VIGERT has been established more than 15 years and served more than 10K customers all over the world. We have won the trust from all of them.






In 2006, VIGERT was established. It is a pity to consider that many companies are unable to purchase brand new machines according to their needs due to limited funds, thus delaying the progress or even canceling their production plans. In other companies, many slightly old but perfectly functional machines were replaced due to factory shutdown or machine replacement. Our company builds a bridge from there and overhauls the machines, eventually finding a better home for the used machines.


In 2011, the factory continued to expand and there were more and more regular customers. As the demand of our customers grows, we can not only provide them with used machines, but even organize them into complete used production lines. Due to the rising number of machines and the difficulty of operation, we also added overseas service business. According to the customer's demand, our engineers will come to the customer's country to personally guide the customer to use and repair the machines, helping the customer to achieve better production results.


In 2017, our company hit a record high for the first time, achieving a trading volume of over 10 million US dollars. Such a transaction is not only the result of our decades of hard work and continuous growth, but also inseparable from the support and recognition of our new and old customers. We will work harder in the future to provide better machines and better services to our customers.


In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, our company continued our work after a brief adjustment and recuperation. Due to the limitation of transportation during the epidemic, we canceled the engineer's visit but opened a new online guidance. Customers can always connect to our engineers by phone or video, and combined with the operating instructions and parameter descriptions that we give along with the machine, customers can also use the machine very smoothly.



Doris Jin

Doris Jin

Bending Division

Emma Gao

Laser Division

Hellen Wei

Shearing Division
Vivi Zhang

Luia Liu

Door Division
punching division

Sophia Chen

Punching Division

Rona Fang

Tooling Division

Grace Li

Forming Division

Christian Ding

Duct Division


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