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How to choose a good punching machine should be considered from several aspects?

There are various types of punching machines, and the selection of the type is mainly based on the material, specification, size, size and requirements of the finished stamping product. The punch itself is a large collection of processing equipment. Therefore, customers should make targeted selections according to the finished products to be manufactured, the type of stamping die, the characteristics of the stamping process, the production efficiency and the investment budget when purchasing to ensure that the purchased punch can really exert its actual production efficiency.

A Good Supplier

Now that the Internet is so developed, the Internet is full of various advertising promotions, reviews, hard and soft, and the question of which punch supplier is the best has made consumers unable to choose. At this time, how to choose a punch is very blind, but we can analyze which punch supplier is better from the following points. Of course, first of all, we must choose the corresponding punch according to our own needs, which is both practical and saves more resources.

  • Before purchasing a reliable punch, we must first confirm the qualifications of the company. Whether it is a well-known company in the country, how is the qualification and how is the user reputation?
  • Why can the company provide a high-performance and high-quality punch to the user? This requires confirmation of the resources of the enterprise, whether it has strong technical support, and it can generally operate stably for more than ten years.
  • Product performance, stable performance, and companies with a high return rate of used customers, the product performance will definitely not be bad!
  • The price of the product is transparent, and there is no arbitrary charge. The good ones are too expensive, and the cheap ones are not good. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the cost performance of the product, the same configuration, and the same performance. Basically, the price plays a decisive role.
  • After-sales service, whether the after-sales service can be achieved – 7*24 hours customer service + technical service, and timely service, users will be assured.

From the above points, we briefly analyze some basic situations that everyone needs to know about which punching machine supplier is good.

With the development of the market, as well as which punch supplier is the best and which is the best punch supplier, it also involves the technical threshold of the punch manufacturer. There are only a handful of companies that have the strength to provide punch. Here are some punch suppliers.

These are According to the comprehensive situation of the packaging and molding machinery manufacturing enterprises of their respective specifications and models, such as enterprise scale, registered capital, activity level, information perfection and other scores, the top list is queried.

Stamped Product

  • The material of the product must be made of metal before high-speed punching can be performed.
  • The thickness and width of the product, generally higher than 5mm, are not suitable for high-speed stamping, and the width of the stamping product is restricted by the high-speed die.
  • The products stamped by the high-speed punching machine must be coils and strips, otherwise high-speed stamping cannot be performed.
  • Under normal circumstances, from small metal blanking parts, bending parts or shallow drawing parts, it is recommended to use an open punch. The elastic deformation of the body of the open punch press will destroy the uniform distribution of the gap of the punching die, affect the accuracy of the punched product, and reduce the life of the punching die. However, its fuselage is open on three sides, easy to operate, easy to install molds, feeders, and automatic mold changing devices to achieve automatic production, and the price is economical. Therefore, it is recommended to use open punches for stamping small and medium parts.
  • For large and medium-sized or high-precision stamping products, portal punches and double-shaft punches should be used. For special stamping processes such as leveling, correcting bending, and shaping, a punch with high strength and rigidity should be selected.
Stamped Product
Stamped Product

Required Number And Speed of Stamping Products

Manufacturers have been using low-speed punches, and they are not satisfied with the current low-speed, and can choose to replace high-speed punches. At present, there are two kinds of speeds for Taiwan and domestic punch presses on the market called high speed, one is high speed 400 times/min, and the other is 1000 times/min. If the product mold demand speed is 300 times/min or higher, you should choose a punch with 1000 times/min.

Because the equipment cannot be used to the limit, and punches within 400 times per minute generally do not have a mandatory lubrication system, only butter lubrication is used in the joint part, and the punch structure is of a slider type, so the accuracy is difficult to guarantee, and the wear and tear is very high during long-term work. Faster, lower precision, easy damage to molds, high maintenance rate of machines and molds, and delays in time, affecting delivery.

This is usually determined according to the actual stamping process. When manual feeding is performed, do not use a punch with too many strokes; when automatic stamping, choose a punch with as many strokes as possible. When deep drawing, a punch with too many strokes cannot be used, because the drawing is too fast, the material cannot be fully deformed, and the parts are easy to crack.

Working Table and Stamping Die
Working Table and Stamping Die

Accuracy of The Stamped Product

Due to its special advanced production process, high-speed punching machine, its production accuracy, stability, and processing speed, if the user has particularly high requirements for stamping products and the budget is sufficient, high-speed punching machine can be selected.

The Determination of Specifications

The determination of specifications is determined according to the size and stamping force of the stamping die of the stamping equipment:

  • The nominal pressure of the selected punch must be greater than the total punching force required for punching. The tonnage of the selected punch must be greater than the stamping pressure during actual stamping production, and it must be ensured that the load curve of the workpiece cannot exceed the allowable load curve of the punch. Usually the tonnage selection principle is as follows:

When punching and correcting bending, the maximum punching force is not greater than 80% to 90% of the tonnage; when deep drawing, the maximum drawing force is not greater than 50% to 60% of the tonnage; when shallow drawing, the large drawing force The force is not more than 70% to 80% of the tonnage.

When punching and bending or punching and drawing, the tonnage value should be determined according to the specific situation and the allowable load curve of the machine tool used.

For thicker stamping parts, not only the allowable pressure of the punch, but also the power of the punch should be considered.

  • The stroke of the punch should be appropriate: the stroke directly affects the main height of the die. The lead process is too large, and the punch is separated from the guide plate.
  • The closing height of the punch should be adapted to the closing height of the die, that is, the closing height of the die is between the maximum closing height and the minimum closing height of the punch. Since the connecting rod will be shortened after wear, and the mold repair will reduce the closed height of the stamping die in the future, the height of the stamping die when designing the stamping die is generally taken to be close to the large die height of the punch.
  • The size of the working table of the punch press must be larger than the overall size of the lower die base of the mold, and there is room for installation and fixation, but the working table should not be too large, so as to avoid the poor force on the working table. The punch table should be determined according to the size of the actual installed mold. If the mold is large, the size of the work table can be increased according to customer needs.
Slide Stroke
Slide Stroke

Punching Force

According to the nature of the stamping process to be completed, the size of the production batch, the geometric dimensions of the stamping parts (the thickness of the package, whether to stretch, the shape of the sample) and the accuracy requirements to determine:

  • The production of small and medium-sized parts, curved parts, and polyester parts adopts open mechanical punching machines.
  • In the production of medium-sized stamping parts, a mechanical punch press with a closed structure is used.
  • Small batch production, the production of large thick plate stamping parts adopts hydraulic press.
  • In mass production or mass production of complex parts at the beginning, use a high-speed punch or a multi-station automatic punch.

The accuracy of the high-speed punch is mainly reflected in the parallelism, verticality and total clearance, which is generally measured by the JIS standard. Of course, the accuracy of the high-speed punch is also related to the tonnage mentioned above and the machining accuracy of the punch itself. The speed of the high-speed punch is controlled by itself. It also affects the accuracy of the high-speed punch.

There are many tonnage options for high-speed punching presses, and choosing a suitable tonnage is very important to reduce stamping production costs and production process costs. The so-called punch tonnage refers to the instantaneous impact force released by the punch during the operation. Relatively speaking, high-speed punches have four common tonnages of 25, 35, 60, and 80T. The higher the tonnage, the higher the processing capacity. Of course, the cost is also high. will improve.

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