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Top 10 Turret Punch Press Manufacturers

TOP 10 Turret Punch Press Manufacturers

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AMADA’s turret punch press machines feature the latest technology such as Electric Drive Systems and sophisticated Automatic Tool Changer options. Tapping, forming, marking, and even bending make these machines extremely versatile and a cost-effective option.

The robust thick turret, made from a special cast iron alloy, ensures excellent wear resistance. The tool bores within the turret are also laser-hardened for efficiency and long life. Also, the 120 mm thickness turret ensures the best conditions for punch/die alignment, offering the utmost punching precision.

AMADA Turret Punch Press


Turret punch press or single head punching machine – only LVD gives you a choice. From cost-effective machines to high-speed, high-productivity systems, they offer you more solutions to punch and form metal for short to long-run production.

Their customer service team is comprised of more than 180 skilled field service engineers in more than 45 countries. They have installed more than 40,000 machines and log over 5500 hours of training every year. Their goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support to keep your fabrication operation productive and profitable.

Customer support is organized locally in each sale and service area. Strategically located service centers in North America, Europe, and Asia provide full-service support.

LVD Turret Punch Press


Tailift – Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machines. They have built a reputation as one of Asia’s top suppliers of industrial machinery and forklift trucks. By integrating advanced research and development, manufacturing technology, and customer service, Tailift has become a major force on several fronts.

One of their lines that have attracted international attention is their series of CNC turret punch presses.

Tailift CNC turret punch press is outstanding machines for punching and forming. Their company offers a variety of models with a wide working size ranging to 4980mm. They are ideal for manufacturing a variety of products such as precision enclosures, control cabinets, and aerospace parts.

TAILIFT Turret Punch Press


TruPunch machines from TRUMPF offer you flexible processing of a diverse range of parts. As well as punching, the machines provide the option of reforming metal parts or tapping – all on just one machine. The punching head can rotate tools in any angular position. This minimizes setup times and increases your productivity. Innovative developments such as the active and retractable die ensure optimum part quality. Intelligent automation options make life easier for the operator and increase throughput.

TRUMPF Turret Punch Press


Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Main products: CNC turret punch press; CNC bending machine; Numerical control plate shearing machine, Yawei Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangdu, the eastern suburb of Yangzhou, a famous historical city with beautiful scenery. It specializes in manufacturing high-quality flat plate processing machines such as numerical control turret punch, numerical control laser cutting machine, numerical control bending machine, numerical control plate shearing machine, bending machine and plate shearing machine, as well as high-level plate bending processing machines such as numerical control flying shear line and stripline. Its products are positioned in the middle, and the numerical control rate is more than 90%, It is one of the few professional sheet metal forming machine tool enterprises in China that can provide a complete package solution for medium flat plate and coil processing.

YAWEI Turret Punch Press


Fabrication just got simpler with the AccurMax thick turret punch press. Designed with the modern fabricator in mind, the AccurMax maximizes productivity in standalone and automated environments.

The AccurMax is vigorously tested to ensure accuracy above .004mm. All frame configurations are field-tested and engineered to last using FEA.

In the past four decades, Accurpress has completed over 20,000 installs in North America and 5,000 in China and SE Asia. They strive to provide the best precision, productivity, and reliability to manufacturers and fabricators around the globe. Their goal is to push the limits of affordable automation in the sheet metal fabrication industry with their wide range of robotics and material handling systems.

ACCURPRESS Turret Punch Press


Completely unlike traditional drive systems, the MOTORUM Series adopts a MURATEC-original ram drive with a toggle mechanism driven by a servo-motor. This series provides users with optimized control of the ram shaft speed, low noise, and high-speed processing.

MURATEC sheet metal machinery carries on the tradition of the Wiedemann Machine Company.
The Wiedemann Machine Company was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1916 and over the years developed and produced a variety of machines.

In 1989 MURATEC merged with Wiedemann and has continued to lead the world in sheet metal machinery thanks to such technological developments as the announcement of the world’s first servo-motor-driven NC turret punch press.

MURATEC MOTORUM Turret Punch Press


HARSLE is a leading brand within the punching machine market field due to its experience and quality standards, they produce mechanical press, pneumatic press, CNC turret punch press, and other power presses which are used in different metal-working fabrication areas.

Under the guidance of a ‘professional, satisfactory, high performance-to-price ratio’ policy, they always try to provide complete and thoughtful proposals to customers by their specialty and experience. What is more, they have a world-class R&D team to ensure that they can design professional and innovative machines. They can also provide overseas installation, training, maintenance, and commissioning services for each client to confirm that they can operate.

HARSLE Turret Punch Press


The Dye TPE utilizes an extremely rigid closed box construction minimizing deformation under punching load while maintaining accurate die alignment and control to 0.01mm on BDC. The design also employs the latest direct drive servo motor technology to drive the ram head crankshaft – eliminating the use of hydraulics. This high-performance system provides punching speeds of up to 1500 strokes per minute combined with sheet movement speeds of 102 meters per minute.

The Dye TPE offers energy & maintenance savings of up to 50% compared to hydraulic variants, as well as greatly reduced noise emissions, higher speeds, and more control over the punching and forming process.

The turret punch press enables users to produce punched and formed parts at extremely competitive prices.

DYE Turret Punch Press


Prima Power Punching machines offer state-of-the-art servo-electric punching technology, based on pioneering experience, in an eminently flexible package.

The genius of servo-electric punching is how it combines energy-saving and ergonomics with superb accuracy and productivity. Prima Power Punching machines use numerically controlled, servo-electric axes, which provides outstanding energy efficiency, low maintenance requirement, and a high speed of operation.

The cornerstones of its productivity include large tool capacity, the wide range of tools available, and easy and fast setup change. Forming and other auxiliary work stages, and ease of use are further factors reducing the manufacturing cost per component thus making the turret punch press a productive and competitive manufacturing solution.

PRIMA POWER Turret Punch Press

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