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AIDA is a global leader in the design, manufacture, sale, service and support, refurbishment and modernization of metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment. AIDA servo and mechanical stamping presses range in capacity from 30 to 4,000 tons, from 1 to 1,500 strokes per minute, from gap frame to straightside, high speed to cold forging, transfer and progressive die, material handling and coil feeding equipment.

AIDA provides one of the broadest selections of complete metalforming systems from a single manufacturer. With a worldwide network of sales and service locations in nearly 40 cities across 20 countries, press installations exceeding 80,000 units in over 60 countries worldwide, producing a range of products for industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics and electrical, AIDA is truly a global metalforming solutions provider.

AIDA Punching Machine
AIDA Punching Machine


HARSLE is a modern enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machines, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine, and other related machines. They always adhere to the business principle of “ making better machines, providing first-class service “, so their products have been trusted widely in many industries.

Under the guidance of the “ professional, satisfactory, high performance-to-price ratio ” policy, they always try to provide a complete and thoughtful proposal to customers by their specialty and experience. What is more, they have a world-class R&D team to ensure that they can design professional and innovative machines. They can also provide overseas installation, training, maintenance, and commissioning services for each client to confirm that they can operate HARSLE machines properly and enjoy high performance and best service during operation.

They have a huge global customer source market, a good basic service network, and efficient service capabilities for modern sales. They devote themselves to different forms of customer service, strengthen customer care through relevant thematic services, continuously form a good reputation, and quickly improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

HARSLE Punching Machine
HARSLE Punching Machine


AMADA stamping presses have been manufactured in their own factories, to their legendary standards of quality since 1963. With well over 50,000 successful installations worldwide, we have the know-how and experience to address nearly any application.

Accurate, repeatable performance is the key to profitable press working operations. AMADA presses are built with this goal firmly in mind. At first glance, they may seem similar to many other machines being offered today, but a closer examination will quickly and clearly show how their superior designs are the RIGHT way to build a press.

Superior designs mean superior performance on the shop floor, and that’s one of the big reasons why AMADA continues to be the #1 selling gap press in Japan.

Available in capacities from 45 through 500 metric tons, AMADA’s press frames are designed using Finite Element Analysis to ensure that distortion is held to a minimum. Cast slides with extra-long ways, hydraulic overload protection, and powered die height adjustment in .01 mm (.0004″) increments (1-point machines) all work together to bring you the level of performance expected from the world’s largest manufacturer of machine tools. In addition, AMADA offers options to boost productivity that most other manufacturers cannot supply.

These features include Link Motion, which can bring tremendous increases in production quality and quantity, and their Bridge Frame structure, which can bring gap press performance to the levels of a high-quality straight side press – for a fraction of the cost.

Simply put, AMADA builds better presses, with more available options, to ensure maximum productivity well into the future.

AMADA Punching Machine
AMADA Punching Machine


Ever since Yamada Dobby was established in 1919, there have been constant efforts to offer excellent machines supported by the best service in the industry. Their innovative technology has led the textile industry with high performance Dobby and Cam Motion Equipment supporting the continually expanding fashion industry throughout the world.

We have, and continue to develop Dobby and Cam Motion Equipment of the highest performance, challenging the industry for higher speed, precision, and quality. Yamada has also led the way in computerizing textile weaving equipment with the latest electronics available, contributing to the innovation of the industry.

Yamada High Precision Press Machines have been working with remarkable results in the production of minute parts of high precision since 1961. Such parts include lead frames, connectors, motor cores and television set components. They carry on the Yamada tradition of unprecedented technological development with their latest NXT-Press Series line of stamping presses. Together with their research and development teams, Yamada will continue to develop successive machines of higher quality and functions.

YMADA Punching Machine
YMADA Punching Machine


Technological innovations that increase capacity, productivity and performance have been the hallmarks of Komatsu Industrial Machinery Division since its inception more than 75 years ago. Over the years, Komatsu has demonstrated a commitment to respond to customer demands and originate technologies and systems to meet the needs of a global marketplace. Today, Komatsu continues to build on its tradition of engineering excellence to create equipment that satisfies the complex demands of a competitive, highly technical and complex metalworking industry.

Komatsu is your single source for ALL your metalworking needs. Whether precision stamping in progressive or transfer applications or accurate, high-speed cutting with fine plasma or laser, Komatsu has your solution.

KOMATSU Punching Machine
KOMATSU Punching Machine


After 60 years of growth, and today emerged as the largest mechanical power press in Taiwan.

The biggest maker of the mechanical power presses in Taiwan, capable with the most powerful R&D ability; the worldwide service and sales net for the customer support is superior to the competitors, famous for offering the best quality products in the global press market. The road a company has to go to grow has no end.

Chin Fong has the vision to be a global player with their talent and professionalism. We know how to serve their customers better. Innovation + Service + Commitment = Business Philosophy

They treasure, respect, and appreciate their relationships with their clients as long-term partners. Based on such a definition, the partnership is further actualized as Chin Fong exercises its business philosophy, in service, innovation, and commitment.

All the members of Chin Fong Group should realize the enterprise is only a public medium of society, making a profit is just a process to reach the enterpriser’s ideal. Wherein, by using the company as a life education place and pooling anyone who wants to join Chin Fong whatever their character and ability is, provide them the necessary training to achieve their potential and benefit the public and the country.

Their members should constantly and perpetually service the customers and all the suppliers providing Chin Fong the opportunity to develop continuously, the shareholders the appropriate return and the employee the higher quality of life.

It is the long-term vision of Chin Fong to become the leading provider and final word on metal forming technologies for the world. This goal will be realized eventually through their relentless efforts in partnering with clients globally.

CHIN FONG Punching Machine
CHIN FONG Punching Machine


Yangli Group was founded in 1966 and is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China. It covers an area of 1,670 acres and has more than 5,000 employees. It has a registered capital of 150 million yuan and total assets of 2.8 billion yuan; long-term commitment to stamping and sheet metal The R&D and manufacturing of various medium and high-end metal sheet processing equipment and intelligent production lines, such as metal and forging, is currently one of the domestic medium and high-end metal forming equipment manufacturers with large scale, complete categories and strong comprehensive strength; products are widely used in automobiles, The production areas of home appliances, aviation, shipbuilding, new energy, hardware, electronics, electrical and so on are sold overseas.

The group has three manufacturing bases: Yangli Industrial Park, Yangli Science and Technology Park, and Yangli Industrial Park. It has five production divisions under the jurisdiction of Yangli Machine Tool, Yangli Heavy Machinery, Yangli Precision Machinery, Yangli CNC, and Yangli Hydraulic; It has 600,000 square meters of modern standard workshops and various high-precision processing equipment, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 sets of complete machines, and the ability to provide complete solutions for medium and high-end sheet metal processing.

The group established Yangli Research Institute, which consists of post-doctoral research workstations, provincial engineering technology research centers, press research institutes, heavy machine tools research institutes, precision machine tools research institutes, CNC machine tools research institutes, and hydraulic equipment research institutes. Scientific research institutes have established stable cooperative relations. In recent years, Yangli Group has successively obtained 73 invention patents, undertook more than 40 scientific and technological projects at the provincial and municipal levels, and is the secretariat unit of the Press Branch of the Forging Machinery Standards Committee, presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 25 industry standards.

The group was rated as “Key Enterprise of CNC Sheet Metal Processing Equipment Industry Base” and “High-tech Enterprise”, and successively won the “Pioneer of China Forging Machine Tool Industry”, “China’s Top 500 Machinery Industry”, “China’s Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprises”, and “China The machine tool industry has meticulously created the honorary titles of “Top Ten Brands”, “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “Jiangsu Province Landmark Enterprise” and so on.

YANGLI Punching Machine
YANGLI Punching Machine

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