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How to Choose Shearing Machine

How to Choose Shearing Machine

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Nowadays, people are familiar with shearing machines. The price is hundreds of thousands or millions. It is a large investment for an individual or corporate buyers. If you cannot choose a good shearing machine, it will bring buyers a lot of money. It is a big burden, so before purchasing a shearing machine, the buyer must fully understand and master the purchasing and selection skills of the shearing machine. Here are some tips for your reference.

Clarify The Requirements Parameters

Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your own demand parameters. At the same time, you must also take into account the needs after expanding the scale of the enterprise to leave a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine.

Especially for the shearing machine, for the required range of the material thickness of the sheared material, the size of the slitting machine, etc., after the model parameters of the machine are determined, you can contact the manufacturer to buy it.

The Suitable Machine is The Best

When buying a shearing machine, many users value a shearing machine with “good quality and multiple functions”. A good quality shearing machine is a necessary condition, but whether there are many functions depends entirely on their own needs. In theory, the simpler the performance, the better and more stable it is.

You Get What You Pay For, It is The Eternal Law of Business

Many users always want to spend the least amount of money to buy the best shearing machine, which is human nature. But you get what you pay for every penny. Not to mention the quality of the low-priced shears, the after-sales service is only 108,000 miles away. After contacting a number of companies that produce machines and obtaining the price, parameters, payment and delivery methods of the machines, the most important step is to choose the manufacturer to buy.

Generally, a trusted manufacturer is selected after removing the highest and lowest prices, so as to obtain better cost performance and at the same time ensure quality and after-sales service. Buying a good shearing machine equipment can save production costs. It is not only important to choose a good shearing machine, but also a good shearing machine manufacturer. Based on these, we have summarized ten manufacturers for your reference:

Accessories Are Important

When buying a shearing machine, pay attention to the accessories of the shearing machine that you are going to buy, such as the blade of the shearing machine, the pressing cylinder and the feeding ball, which are all crucial accessories. The accessories of the shearing machine manufacturer are not the best, but they must be the most suitable.

After-sales Service of Shearing Machine Manufacturers

No matter how high-quality shears are used for a long time or not used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be no failures. At this time, the after-sales service experience of shearing machine manufacturers can be reflected. After all, if the equipment fails, no one wants to ask the manufacturer to come and repair it.

When choosing a shearing machine, it must be determined from meeting the demand, cost performance and after-sales service of the shearing machine manufacturer. Blind pursuit of low price, or function more often than not pay.

Types of Shearing Machine

Special Shearing Machine

Use with other equipment to complete special purposes:

  • Shearing machine for cold bending forming line: such as special shearing machine configured on production lines such as automobile longitudinal beam cold bending line, carriage side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line, etc.;
  • Shearing machine for steel structure production line: it is mostly used for angle steel and H-beam automatic production line to complete the shearing process;
  • Plate opening and leveling line shearing machine: It is a high-speed plate shearing machine designed to meet the requirements of high-speed cutting of the production line for plate uncoiling and leveling. The thick plate line is mostly hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, and the thin plate line is more Equipped with pneumatic shearing machine; high-speed line is equipped with flying shearing machine, continuous production and high efficiency.

Swing Beam Shearing Machine

The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine are at an angle. Generally, the upper blade is inclined, and the inclination angle is generally 1° to 6°. The shearing force of the inclined blade shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat blade shearing machine, so the motor power and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced, and the practical application is the most.

Guillotine Shearing Machine

The shearing quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shearing force is large and the energy consumption is large. More mechanical transmission. The upper and lower cutting edges of the shearing machine are parallel to each other and are often used for the hot shearing of blooms and slabs in rolling mills.

Guillotine Sheairng Machine
Guillotine Sheairng Machine

Multipurpose Shearing Machine

  • Combined punching and shearing machine: it can complete the shearing of the sheet and the profile, which is mostly used for the blanking process;
  • Sheet metal bending and shearing machine: that is, two processes of cutting and bending can be completed on the same machine.

Shearing Machine Models

  • Which of the shearing machine models are more commonly used?

Regarding the shearing machine models, some of the more commonly used ones are mainly Q11 series mechanical shearing machine, QC11 series hydraulic gate shearing machine, QC12 series hydraulic pendulum shearing machine and K series CNC shearing machine. It’s these four.

  • How is the model of the shearing machine generally expressed? In the international model, what is the code name of the shearing machine?

The representation of the shearing machine model, generally, is 11X3200, of which the front 11 refers to the shearing thickness of the shearing machine, in millimeters. The following 3200 refers to the cutting width. For example, 20X3200 means that the shearing thickness of the shearing machine is 20mm and the shearing width is 3200mm.

The shearing machine, among the international models, belongs to the category of shearing units, so its code name is the capital letter Q.

If the thickness is less than 4mm, the mechanical shearing machine is generally selected. If the thickness is more than 4mm, the swing shear is generally selected if the thickness is less than 8mm, and the gate shear is generally selected if the thickness is higher than 8mm.

Shearing Tool Selection

The blade materials of the shearing machine are generally 9CrSI, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13 and other materials.

  • 9Crsi

It is a low-speed and low-alloy cutting tool steel. 9CrSi is brittle and hard, and is thermally sensitive to surface quenching and easy to crack. Steel for measuring and cutting tools is a commonly used low-alloy tool steel with high hardenability and hardenability, as well as high tempering stability. It can be used to manufacture shearing machine blades with complex shapes, small deformation, high wear resistance and low-speed cutting. It is suitable for shearing of cooked copper. Mechanical properties: Hardness: HRC55~58 Heat treatment specification: quenching temperature 820~860℃, tempering temperature 180~200℃.

  • 6CrW2Si

It is a kind of alloy tool steel, which is formed by adding a certain amount of tungsten on the basis of chromium-silicon steel, because tungsten helps to preserve relatively fine grains during quenching, and makes the steel in the tempered state. Get higher toughness. 6CrW2Si steel has higher quenching hardness and certain high temperature strength than 4CrW2Si steel and 5CrW2Si steel. It is usually used to manufacture shearing blades that are subjected to shock loads and require high wear resistance. It is suitable for shearing various ordinary steel plates and hard stainless steel plates. Mechanical properties: Hardness: HRC56~60 Heat treatment specification: quenching temperature 860~900℃, tempering temperature 285~229℃.

  • Cr12MoV

It is a kind of die steel. The hardenability, hardness, strength and toughness after quenching and tempering are higher than CR12. The work with a diameter of 300~400mm or less can be completely quenched, and the quenching deformation is small, but the high temperature plasticity is poor. Cr12MoV is mostly used to manufacture shearing machine blades with large cross-section, complex shape and heavy workload. The shear life is more than 800,000 times. It is suitable for cutting high hardness plates such as stainless steel plates and silicon steel sheets. Mechanical properties: Hardness: HRC56~60 Heat treatment specification: quenching temperature 950~1000℃, tempering temperature 200℃~250℃.

  • H13 steel (4Cr5MoSiV1)

It is an air-cooled hardening type hot work die steel. It has high toughness and cold and heat fatigue resistance, and is not easy to produce thermal fatigue cracks; and has strong adhesion resistance and small interaction with molten metal, so it is widely used in hot upsetting, hot extrusion and hot shearing. Trigger blade manufacturing. The properties and uses are basically the same as those of 4Cr5MoSiV steel, but because of its higher vanadium content, the medium temperature (600 degrees) performance is better than that of 4Cr5MoSiV steel.

It is a representative steel grade that is widely used in hot work die steel. It is suitable for hot shearing of steel plates with temperature below 800°. Mechanical properties: Hardness: HR56~58 Heat treatment specification: quenching temperature 1050~1080℃, tempering temperature 530~560℃.

Generally, CNC shearing machine manufacturers will use 9CrSi material steel to make shearing machine blades, saving costs and reducing prices. Brand shearing machine manufacturers mostly use 6CrW2Si material tool steel, which can cut ordinary A3 plates and stainless steel metal plates, which are more wear-resistant. Cr12MoV and H13 are better tool steel materials, which are specially used to cut stainless steel plates. Customers can choose the metal plate materials they want to cut according to their needs.

Shearing Tool
Shearing Tool

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