Wire EDM Machine

Top 7 Wire EDM Machine Manufacturers

Top 7 Wire EDM Machine Manufacturers


Since 1976, Sodick has manufactured over 60,000 EDM machines and over 45,000 linear motor-driven EDMs. Their machines are used for the production of dies, molds, and other various applications which cannot be produced by standard machining methods.

Sodick EDMs enable the user to become the envy of their competition. Their commitment to the highest quality standards does not stop at sales but applies equally to providing advice and support for applications, training, parts, and service.

Their North American headquarters is located in Schaumburg, IL, conveniently located 20 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The headquarters houses a $5 million parts and consumables inventory that ensures consumable and replacement parts are readily available. Experienced engineers handle customer support and all support calls are documented and entered into a CRM database, resulting in the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

As an EDM leader, Sodick regularly conducts research and development resulting in machines with sophisticated and unique features. Continuous investments are also made in their three production facilities, making it possible to manufacture all machine components for high-precision and high-performance machines. It is their highest aim to continuously serve you by offering the most advanced machines to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

SODICK Wire EDM Machine
SODICK Wire EDM Machine


HARSLE is a modern enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machines, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine, and other related machines. They always adhere to the business principle of “ making better machines, providing first-class service “, so their products have been trusted widely in many industries.

Under the guidance of the “ professional, satisfactory, high performance-to-price ratio ” policy, they always try to provide a complete and thoughtful proposal to customers by their specialty and experience. What is more, they have a world-class R&D team to ensure that they can design professional and innovative machines. They can also provide overseas installation, training, maintenance, and commissioning services for each client to confirm that they can operate HARSLE machines properly and enjoy high performance and best service during operation.

They have a huge global customer source market, a good basic service network, and efficient service capabilities for modern sales. They devote themselves to different forms of customer service, strengthen customer care through relevant thematic services, continuously form a good reputation, and quickly improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

HARSLE Wire EDM Machine
HARSLE Wire EDM Machine


As the industry leader in machinery design and digital innovation, Makino introduces game-changing solutions for premium performance. They produce the world’s most accurate and highest quality metal-cutting and EDM machines— horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, graphite machining centers, and wire and sinker EDMs.

Over 80 years ago, their founder Tsunezo Makino invented the horizontal machining center. Today, Makinos are sold in 41 countries around the world and are widely recognized as the most advanced machining centers.

Makino is a multinational company hiring the very best people from around the globe. Shaping the future through manufacturing can be quite an adventure. They’re looking for passionate professionals to be part of that adventure.

Their focus on tomorrow extends to their social responsibilities, too. They’re committed to mindful and ethical business practices, and a healthy environment. Their business practices and policies reflect their commitment to making a positive impact around the globe.

MAKINO Wire EDM Machine
MAKINO Wire EDM Machine

GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machine tools, diverse technical solutions, and services to manufacturers of precision molds and tooling and of tight-tolerance, precision-machined components. The key segments they serve include the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, information and communications technology (ICT), and electronics industries.

Their extensive portfolio ranges from Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) solutions, three- and five-axis Milling machines and Spindles, 3D Laser texturing machines, Additive Manufacturing, and machines for Laser micromachining to solutions for Tooling, Automation, Software, and Digitalization—all backed by unrivaled Customer Services and support.

GF Machining Solutions Wire EDM Machine
GF Machining Solutions Wire EDM Machine


As an affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd is backed by substantial R&D investment to deliver cutting-edge automation technology solutions. From controllers to drive control devices, power distribution control equipment, and industrial mechatronics, they serve their customers as comprehensive factory automation (FA) manufacturers dealing in all aspects of manufacturing.

To match their customers’ needs, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd utilizes its advanced engineering techniques to provide reliable FA solutions with an eye to the next generation of manufacturing.



Founded in 1979, Kent Industrial USA, Inc. specializes in serving the needs of its clients in the machine tools industry. From their early model surface grinders to the latest, most advanced range of CNC equipment in grinding, milling, turning, and EDMs, they continue to offer top-quality machinery at competitive prices with superior service and support to their clients.

Their mission is to help machine shops and manufacturing facilities improve and maximize their efficiency and profitability. Their highest priority is to provide top-quality, precision machines to ensure long-term performance and productivity for their clients.

They stock a wide range of surface grinders, milling machines, CNC knee mills, CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathes, CNC lathes, and CNC EDM machines for immediate delivery. Their parts department is not only well-stocked with parts but is also staffed with knowledgeable technicians who will get the right parts for your machine the first time and every time. They ship the same day on most orders placed before 4 pm (PST).

This means a minimal amount of downtime for their clients. They take pride in having the highest standards for their top-notch service. Your needs and concerns are very important to them, and they will do everything they can to meet them and resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

Their service department has experienced, skilled technicians who will answer your technical questions and in many cases, solve your problem effectively over the phone. For more complex jobs, it may be necessary to service your machine on-site. They can completely rebuild your spindle or whole machine, if necessary. They can apply hand-scraping methods to properly retrofit your new CNC controls. No problem is too big or too small. Call them and they’ll help you arrive at the right solution. The solution that’s right for you.

They have established Kent USA distributors in other countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Indonesia, and many others.

KENT Wire EDM Machine
KENT Wire EDM Machine


The Equipment Consumables group has a long and productive history in the field of EDM. Mr. Ping Ianitelli, one of the original pioneers of EDM in the U.S., founded Belmont in 1960. He distributed Gentrode-10, one of the first premium-quality graphites. Ping had helped General Electric develop this unique material for the EDM process. Belmont then became a distribution source of the material.

Today, the development and distribution of quality EDM products are considered routine at Belmont. In 1967, Belmont joined the Entegris | POCO Materials team when they recognized the need for innovative, high-quality graphite that could be utilized for applications that were previously unthinkable for EDM. Today they still distribute Entegris | POCO Materials for the same reason. Belmont has been the World’s Largest Entegris | POCO Materials Graphite Distributor over the last 6 years.

In the early 80’s Belmont began distributing OKI EDM wire products. OKI was the first premium quality wire for wire EDM machines and is still used as a measurement of quality today. Belmont is undisputed as the World’s Largest Distributor of OKI EDM wire products.

The Technologies group, previously known as the “Filtration” or “Machine Tool” group, has been in business since 1979. From its inception, they devoted themselves to R & D and in 1985 they began marketing the Astec EDM drill. They worked hard to have this new type of EDM drilling considered an accepted third method of EDM. Today they are second to none in their application and engineering background to support this market.

Due to increasing requests by their customers to expand their machine tool line, they researched and tested different EDM sinker machines from 1990-1996 with a minimum of 2 years of testing on the same product for longevity purposes. They chose a manufacturer who was willing to be as flexible with them as they are with their customers. They developed what they feel is the best quality, reasonably priced, EDM sinker on the market today.

Although they have carried varied products over the years the one constant remains the same, they give their customers their decades of experience and the best products and services they have to offer.

When you need support or advice, Belmont gives you 60 years of EDM knowledge and experience through the Cleary EDM Group.

BELMONT Wire EDM Machine
BELMONT Wire EDM Machine

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